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New World Trend Sport News – Coronavirus live news: Nearly 70 dead at Massachusetts veterans’ home as US cases pass 1 million

New World Trend Sport News –

New World Trend Sport News - Akhtar Mohammad Makoii

In Afghanistan, the health ministry has warned that the country is heading toward the peak of coronavirus as Kabul recorded its biggest one-day rise of new infections amid a war raging across the country.

The health ministry confirmed 110 new Covid-19 over past 24 hours, pushing total number of infections to 1,939. This was triggered by biggest one-day rise of infections in Kabul and continued surge of transmission in Kandahar.

There were 58 confirmed cases in the capital Kabul, which has so far been country’s worst affected area with 555 confirmed cases. The city of six million is under a lockdown in a bid to contain spread of the virus.

Akhtar Mohammad Makoii

#Afghanistan has recorded 110 new #coronavirus cases, pushing the total number of infections to 1,939.

Daily new infections

New infections: 110

Apr28: 125

Apr27: 172

Apr26: 68

Apr25: 133

Apr24: 95

Apr23: 83

Apr22: 51

Apr21: 66

Apr20: 30

Death toll: 61

April 29, 2020

Three patients died in Herat on Tuesday, Abdul Hakim Tamanna, the head of Herat’s health department, said, bringing the number of deaths to 61.

Number of new infections continued to surge in Kandahar on Wednesday as 15 new patients tested positive for Covid-19, Kandahar has so far recorded 249 cases.

President Ashraf Ghani has issued a decree Monday to release 12,399 prisoners convicted for different crimes to contain spread of virus in prisons.

This is in addition to 10,000 already in the process to be released.

Wahidullah Mayar, health ministry spokesman warned the people Wednesday that peak of the virus is yet to come and said “number of new infections are rising daily so we’re heading toward the peak and I ask people to stay at home”.

Meanwhile, at least three civilians were killed and eight others were wounded in suicide attack this morning in Kabul. The Afghan Commandos Special Unit said that the victims have been transferred to the hospital by Afghan commandos. No group has claimed responsibility.

Banks set on fire in Lebanon during deadly riots

Banks set on fire in Lebanon during deadly riots – video

Protests against growing economic hardship erupted in Tripoli and spread to other Lebanese cities, as the shutdown to fight the new coronavirus made matters worse for the economy

Banks were set ablaze as violence boiled over into a second night. One demonstrator was killed in riots, as a collapse in the currency, soaring inflation and spiralling unemployment convulse Lebanon, a country in deep financial crisis since October.

The Philippines’ health ministry said on Wednesday that confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the country have risen to more than 8,000, according to Reuters.

The health ministry recorded 254 new infections and 28 additional deaths.

The total coronavirus cases has reached 8,212, while deaths have hit 558.


Guardian reporter Febriana Firdaus has written about the fear and illness that’s been stalking Indonesia’s packed jails as prisoners hope for early release as part of the Covid-19 pardon programme.


New World Trend Sport News – Russia’s coronavirus case tally nears 100,000 milestone

Russia reported 5,841 new cases of the coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing its overall nationwide case tally to 99,399.

Reuters reports that the official nationwide death toll reached 972 on Wednesday after 108 people with the virus died in the last 24 hours.

Singapore’s health ministry confirmed 690 more coronavirus infections on Wednesday, taking total cases to 15,641.

Most of the new cases are among migrant workers living in dormitories in the city-state, which has among the highest number of coronavirus infections in Asia, according to a report by Reuters.

It will be difficult to host the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021 unless the coronavirus pandemic is contained, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Wednesday.

The Tokyo Olympic games were postponed until next year following the rapid spread of the coronavirus. But Abe appeared doubtful about whether that could go ahead if the coronavirus remained a global issue.

Reuters reports when asked by an opposition lawmaker whether Tokyo could host the Games next year, Abe told parliament: “The Olympic Games must be held in a way that shows the world has won its battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Otherwise, it will be hard to hold the Games.”

President Donald Trump response has come under fire – again. This time, the criticism comes from Hu Xijin, the editor of the Chinese state-backed English-language paper, the Global Times.

Hu Xijin 胡锡进

President Trump viewed 1 million infections as his achievement, showing this American leader feels no guilt. Chinese people call such claims by politicians “turning a funeral into a wedding” and they hate it the most. Americans have very good tempers. https://t.co/DKvPEzdDDL

April 29, 2020

German MEP Dr Peter Liese said he agrees with his country’s decision to implement new rules legally requiring most people to wear face masks on public transport, long-distance trains and in shops.

Liese also told Kay Burley on Sky News this morning that he was glad the UK was in the European research programme despite Brexit.

He said:

I think it’s a good decision when you are in a shop or public transport to wear a mask. You should still keep the distance, especially on public transport. There may be occasions where you can’t your distance and then the mask will help to reduce risk.

I’m happy the United Kingdom is still attributed to work with us in the European research programme. Even though we had Brexit and a transition period, we need to work together in developing therapy and vaccine in the United Kingdom, in the European Union, and in cooperation with other partners.

Kay Burley

“I think this is a good decision”

German MEP Dr Peter Liese agrees with his country’s decision to make people wear masks in public and he’s glad the UK can still work with the EU to develop a vaccine, despite Brexit. JG#KayBurley pic.twitter.com/FmVTlgpBCy

April 29, 2020


New World Trend Sport News - Emmanuel Akinwotu

Vaccinations for up to 12 million children to prevent the spread of polio in Africa will be delayed, in a major redeployment of polio eradication resources to fight the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Polio prevention campaigns, which are vital to avert outbreaks, will be suspended until at least the second half of 2020, said Dr Pascal Mkanda, the head of polio for World Health Organization Africa. The decision will inevitably lead to a rise in polio cases.

“We took the difficult decision to suspend these plans and considered it would have a significant impact on preventing the spread of new outbreaks,” he said. “New outbreaks of polio will appear because we will not be able to administer the vaccines in time.”

The move is the “right decision”, Mkanda said, “because we need to tackle Covid-19 and because the process of administering vaccinations can actually increase the spread of the virus”.

That’s it from me, Helen Sullivan. I’m handing over from Sydney to my colleague Aamna Mohdin in London.

If you’ve not yet encountered this extremely Australian Youtube cooking show, well … here’s your chance, “Iso-Lords”:


New World Trend Sport News – Summary

Here are the key developments from the last few hours:

  • Known global death toll exceeds 217,000. According to the Johns Hopkins researchers, at least 3,116,680 people have been infected worldwide and at least 217,168 have died since the outbreak began. The numbers are likely to be significant underestimates due to suspected underreporting and differing testing and recording systems around the world. US cases account for roughly a third of the known global total, at over 1 million.
  • China’s parliament will start its annual meeting on 22 May. China is set to hold its annual parliamentary meeting on 22 May, two months later than originally planned. China’s top political consultative body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, has also proposed to start its annual session on 21 May. It’s not clear yet how long the meetings will last. More than 5,000 delegates traditionally descend on Beijing from all over China for at least 10 days.
  • China warns relationship with Australia could be damaged ‘beyond repair’. The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has defied China and defended the “entirely reasonable and sensible” call for an investigation into the origins of Covid-19, as the international political fallout over the pandemic deepened.
  • Three US children with coronavirus are being treated for rare inflammatory syndrome. Three US children infected with the coronavirus are being treated for a rare inflammatory syndrome that appears similar to one that has raised concerns by doctors in Britain, Italy and Spain, Reuters reports.
  • Nearly 70 residents have died at a Massachusetts home for ageing veterans. Sixty-eight veteran residents at the state-run Holyoke Soldiers’ Home who tested positive for the virus have died and it’s not known whether another person who died had Covid-19.
  • Virus crisis could lead to 18,000 more cancer deaths in UK, experts warn. Almost 18,000 more people with cancer in England could die after the coronavirus pandemic led hospitals to suspend treatment and deterred patients from seeking NHS care, research has found.
  • Fitch downgrades Italy’s rating to BBB-. Italy is the European country most affected by Covid-19 and trails only the US in the number of deaths.The government has said it expects the country’s economic output to shrink by 8% this year and has launched a host of stimulus measures.
  • USS Theodore Roosevelt navy sailors will begin moving back on board. Navy sailors who have been quarantined on Guam for weeks will begin moving back to the USS Theodore Roosevelt on Tuesday night, US officials said.
  • Streamed films to be eligible for Oscars. Films released on streaming platforms only will be eligible for Academy Awards next year because of the pandemic’s disruption to the industry, the organisers of the Oscars have said. The change will only apply to films released this year.


Hotels in Poland will be open for summer holidays, government spokesman Piotr Muller told state radio on Wednesday, while adding that the novel coronavirus infections were still on the rise in the country, Reuters reports.

On Wednesday, the Polish government is set to announce its decision with regards to reopening some businesses closed until now due to the pandemic.

Summer holidays are traditionally held over July and August in Poland, but it is not entirely clear if that will be the case this year. The government has just extended school closures until 24 May.

New World Trend Sport News - A pink Easter bunny statue wearing a protective mask is seen in front of the Grand Hote in Sopot, Poland

A pink Easter bunny statue wearing a protective mask is seen in front of the Grand Hote in Sopot, Poland. Photograph: STAFF/Reuters


New World Trend Sport News - Richard Partington

New World Trend Sport News – Extend coronavirus wage subsidies or risk delayed redundancies, firms warn

The UK government’s plan to subsidise the wages of workers affected by the Covid-19 lockdown should be extended until at least autumn to prevent it from becoming a “waiting room” for redundancy, employers groups have argued.

Demanding the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, make urgent changes to protect workers, firms and the wider economy, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said the Treasury’s multibillion-pound coronavirus job retention scheme needed to be made more flexible to allow furloughed staff to work reduced hours.

It also said the scheme should run until at least the end of September to help firms through continuing lockdown measures or the gradual easing of tough controls on social and business activity across Britain.

New World Trend Sport News – UK Papers, Wednesday, 29 April

New World Trend Sport News - Jim Waterson

New World Trend Sport News – BBC could quarantine actors and crews on dramas to aid filming

The BBC could put actors and directors in quarantine and remove the studio audience from Strictly Come Dancing under plans to help restart television production after the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of the industry.

The proposals, which could affect everything from EastEnders to light entertainment and high-end dramas, are being considered as broadcasters face up to the prospect of enormous gaps in their schedules after much of British television production was stopped dead in mid-March.

New World Trend Sport News – China bristles at call by Australia to investigate Covid-19 origin

The Guardian’s Paul Karp and Helen Davidson report:

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has defied China and defended the “entirely reasonable and sensible” call for an investigation into the origins of Covid-19, as the international political fallout over the pandemic deepened.

China has been pushing back against criticism from other governments about how it handled the outbreak of coronavirus, which is believed to have started in Wuhan and which has now infected 3 million people worldwide and killed 200,000.

Donald Trump’s accusation at the weekend that Beijing could have done more to prevent the deadly spread of the disease was met with fierce criticism from China’s state media.

While Australia has eschewed the more strident approach of the US, which has stopped funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it has urged its allies to back an overhaul of the WHO and suggested recruiting independent investigators akin to “weapons inspectors” to determine the source of major disease outbreaks.

On Wednesday Morrison said his government “will of course continue to pursue what is a very reasonable and sensible course of action”.

New World Trend Sport News – Podcast: why are women less likely to die from Covid-19?

Hannah Devlin speaks to Prof Sabra Klein about why women are much less likely to become seriously ill or die from Covid-19, and what the implications of this knowledge for future treatments might be:

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